Songwriting workshops

This is a resource developed by songwriter Lou Noble for secondary school kids. I have used in in all sorts of settings with all ages for songwriting workshops, including one at the Bristol CoMutiny Squat in September 2009. It actually works with all ages and stages. Continue reading

In the Age of Stupid: A call for Popular Education and Critical Pedagogy both Inside and Outside the University . Alice Cutler 14.3.2009

It is a farce to affirm that men [sic] are people and thus should be free, yet do nothing

tangible to make this affirmation a reality.” (Freire, 1972: 26)

As I write, the première of ‘The Age of Stupid’ is just about to take place. This is a film showing in mainstream cinemas that is asking why, in the light of the evidence, we are not taking more action on climate change. How does this question relate to our ‘highest’ establishments of education, the universities? Whilst there are increasing amounts of student led political action Continue reading