Popular Education Now!


This site is for anyone with an interest in education as a tool for radical social change.

It began life as a series of discussions in radical forums around the UK during 2009. People involved in  different areas of education took part: school teachers, students, home educating parents, youth workers, popular educators, lecturers etc, as well as those with simply an interest in what was going on.


The idea that “learners” are simply empty vessels to be filled with knowledge from a “teacher” on high (the so-called “banking” system) now thankfully has no place in the educational mainstream.

It has been replaced with many of the ideas of the early popular educators, e.g.  seeing the learner as an autonomous individual, and insisting that education must be both multi-sensory and relevant to the lives of the learners.

These are times of widespread global crises. These changes outlined above give us scope to develop teaching resources and strategies that question the direction of global society and attempt to explore alternatives.

However, with the education system geared almost entirely towards employability and maintaining the status quo, this can only be a partial process. The challenge we face is to what extent meaningful change can be achieved working within the mainstream – or to what extent we have to operate outside it.

In addition, popular education was originally conceived as a means by which groups in society that face oppression can overcome it. It has a strong emphasis on equipping people for  action. In looking to push the popular education model, this has to be at the forefront of our efforts.


We hope this site is going to be developed as a means to explore and develop these ideas, particularly with regards to resources and strategies that people can use in their day-to-day practice.

Have a look round and be part of it!

(Images courtesy of http://www.viewfromahill.org, http://www.tradenotwar.org and the Centre fro Popular Education and Human Rights, Ghana – http://www.geocities.com/cepehrg/home)